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The Illusion

The Credit Illusion

Living paycheck-to-paycheck continues to be a way of life for 50-70% of the adults in our country.  Over 61 million people have credit scores between 500 and 649.  These people - perhaps you - are penalized with ridiculous interest rates, higher insurance premiums and denials for badly needed credit.

It’s nearly impossible to buy a home. Renting an apartment or ordering utilities without a cosigner may not be an option. For some it’s a daily struggle to put food on the table so bills can be paid on time. Hope and dreams begin to fade. Relationships and health suffer. Life begins to look pretty dismal. With long-term stress you eventually go numb as a means of survival. Is this what you really want?

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Choose Financial Empowerment

Choose Financial Empowerment
  • Stop requesting credit for now
  • Do not consolidate loans
  • Don’t close credit card accounts or have them closed
  • Always keep your oldest cards

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